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The Onion Field ---\$3.00
The film stars John Savage as police officer Karl Hettinger, the survivor; James Woods as the instigator of the kidnapping; Franklyn Seales as his partner-in-crime Jimmy Smith.  Ted Danson as Ian Campbell, the police officer gunned down in the onion field.
The Astronaut's Wife  ---\$5.00
spooky thriller!!!!
Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron star as courageous NASA astronaut Spencer Armacost and his beautiful schoolteacher wife Jillian - a seemingly perfect couple whose lives are momentarily shattered when Spencer's mission mysteriously loses contact with Earth for 2 minutes. But neither Spencer nor Jillian know that those 120 seconds of terror will ultimately threaten their sanity, their future and their lives in this heart stopping psychological thriller the critics call "One scary edge of the seat nightmare."
Blown Away  ---\$3.00
Loni Anderson stars as the mother who pits herself against a company of killers --- led by her husband.  Aided by a fearless pilot she storms her husband's mafia compound in a desperate attempt to rescue her captive daughter.
Facade  ---\$3.00
It should have been a simple murder. But a botched job, an old flame and too many loose ends can spell just one thing for businessman Colin Wentworth: Chaos.  Eric Robert's  ---on Clarrissa's hunky stud muffin top ten list--- and a cast of memorable zany characters ride a rollercoaster plot filled with murder, lies and unpredictable humor.
Destiny turns on the radio ---\$3.00
Quentin Taratino is Johnny Destiny, a mystery man with nothing up his sleeve but a readiness to gamble with everybody's lives.
Street Justice   ---\$2.50
Michael Ontkean
Corrupt cops of a once prosperous town are turning law enforcement into police state terror.  meanwhile City politicos look the other way and continue to earn their clout the old fashioned way. They pay cash.  Luckily, there's one man who's not on the take.  He's neither cop nor bureaucrat. He's 100% hero, a secret avenger who hits hard, hits fast, then lies low.
Batman Returns  ---\$10.00
Never opened still sealed!!
Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces the bizarre Penguin, Danny Devito, and the slinky mysterious Catwoman, Michele Pfieffer.  Can Batman battle two formidable foes at once?????
Batman Forever ---\$10.00</b>
never opened still sealed!!!!  Riddle me this, riddle me that, you'll find adventure on the wings of a bat!!!!!
Boiling point  ---\$3.00
Wesley Snipes and Dennis Hopper
They've got the guns they need. And a deadly plan.  They're killing cops.  They're hitting the mob.  A smooth talking crime sleaze and his quick finger accomplice are not afraid of anyone. but they should be. Because they crossed paths with treasury agent Jimmy Mercer a cop who is reaching his boiling point.
Street Smart  ---\$2.50
Christopher Reeve
With his career floundering, magazine writer Jonathan Fisher concocts a fictitious story of a high living Time Square pimp.  His bogus article succeed, but his make believe criminal bears an uncanny resemblance to the real life pimp Fast Black,  who is wanted by the D.A. for a vicious murder.
Miami Rhapsody  ---\$4.00
This hilarious sexy comedy has critics everywhere standing up and cheering! This irresistible Sarah Jessica Parker stars as a recently engaged young woman about to make a shockingly funny discovery. marriage and fidelity doesn't always go hand in hand, especially in her own family.
Antonio Bandaras ----On Clarrissa's stud muffin top ten list------ and Mia Farrow in an hot all star cast.
Hard Way Out  ---\$3.00
To everyone who knows him Rick Cowan ( Don "The Dragon" Wilson) is a shy reclusive math teacher and even his own son thinks he is a hopeless nerd.  That is until Rick singlehandedly defeats a teams of assassins sent to kill him and his son.
Defense Play  ---\$3.00
What started as a child's play turns into a high tech nightmare for two teen aged kids David Oliver and Susan Ursitti who became the victims of a soviet scheme to steal important U.S. technology.  It's high flying warfare and only they can stop the sabotage of an S.D.I. launch-- if their enemies don't stop them first.
Heavens Prisoners ---\$4.00
Ex cop Dave Robicheuax (Alec Baldwin) has turned his back on the big easy and the bottle, starting life over on a tranquil backwater bayou with his wife. But his newfound serenity shatters after he witnesses a small plane crash and rescues the sole survivor a little salvadorian girl. His search to learn her identity and solve the mystery behind the crash thrusts Dave into a high stakes game of intrigue between the DEA and a ruthless drug ring fronted by a childhood friend (Eric Roberts----on Clarrissa's top ten stud muffin list) and his sultry wife a hoe Suddenly Daves patch of paradise becomes a war zone and everything he holds dear is in the line of fire.
Virus ---\$4.00
Jamie Lee Curtis--William Baldwin--Donald Sutherland
Seeking refuge in the eye of a violent typhoon, the crew of a crippled salvage tug makes a potentially profitable discovery.  A Russian military vessel, loaded with hi-tech computer hardware, appears abandoned by its crew. The haggard crew has no idea that an alien life form, holding the ship hostage, not only feeds on electricity but thrives on developing new ways of killing the virus known as man.  Who will dominate in a fight to the death against a horrifying new strain of evil?
Alien Predators  ---\$3.00
Three young adventure bound Americans set out for a European holiday....but even their worst nightmares cannot conceive of the horror which unfolds before them.
My boyfriend's back  ---\$3.00
Teenager Johnny Dinlge will do anything to keep his date with the hottest girl in school -- even come back from the grave!
First Degree ---\$4.00
Rob Lowe stars in this sizzling tale of ambition, money and murder where everybody has a motive but only one finger pulled the trigger.
Ground Zero ---\$2.50
Nuclear testing in the outback provides the basis for this tautly told political thriller form Australia.
Mesmerized ---\$2.50 no case but in a black clamshell
Cool movie about a wife Jodie Foster ( I think) gets even with a husband who would make any woman want to kill.  She does it so slickly with the use of hypnosis....the question is will she get away with it or will she be burned at the stake as a witch?
Da   ---\$3.00
Martin Sheen
Da is a warm and charming reflection of human relationships: child to parent boy to man the living to the dead.
Deadly Observation  --
Woody Harrelson
Charlie Lewis is a young attorney assigned to defend the patients rights at a local mental clinic. But even he recognizes that Freddie Zamorra's uncontrollable violence means that freddy is not ready to be return to a normal life quite yet. But the hospital is more concerned about filling Freddies bed with a wealthy patient then with a poor boy form the streets.
The Fourth Protocol ---\$3.00
Michael Caine and Pierce Brosnan
In an undercover plot to destroy NATO the KGB plans to annihilate a peaceful English residential area and a U.S. Air Force base.
Men In Black ---\$7.00
Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith
The two best actors ever in my book are protecting the earth from the scum of the universe!!!! Top Ten movie!!!
Air Force One ---\$7.00
The fate of the nation rests on the courage of one man, Harrison Ford (On Clarrissa's top ten stud muffin list) Top ten movie!!!!!!!!

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