This gift basket makes any holiday a special treat. They are
all hand crafted and come with hand made herbal soap, a
votive candle, 20 stick packet of incenses, a 8 oz bag of
bath salts, a 4 oz bottle of herbal lotion and a4 oz. 
bottle of massage oil.  Buyer chooses what ever scent they 
would like each item to be as long as we have it in stock. 
 Each basket is freshly made as orders come in and shipping is only 6.00.
 No Handling charges at all!!!

Everything is hand crafted by myself personally and
soaps and votive are made by "Starlove". Lavender soaps are
made by "Nightshade" So order your special basket made by 
very special people today.

All basic gift baskets are only 35.00 but you can have a
personal touch added to your particular basket by also
adding a gift. Just the cost of the gift-say a necklace- and
no other charges are added and I'll even place your special
gift inside the basket with a bow!

****I also make gift baskets for protection. love, healing, money......

Your basket comes with
4oz bottle of lotion
4oz bottle of massage oil
8oz bag of bath salts
One scented votive candle
A packet of 20 incenses
An herbal bar of soap
So order today!
BB Clarrissa
Everything in the basket is geared toward removal of 
negative entities and energy, body and aura cleanings 
and shielding of house or personSpells and rituals can 
be included in the basket upon requests and will either 
be emailed to you or in the basket your choice
Everything in this basket is geared toward cleansing 
the aura and body and then  doing a ritual to bring love
into your life. Instructions can be included in basket or 
emailed upon request
Everything is geared to cleansing the body and aura and ritual
for healing again the instructions can be included in basket or 
emailed upon request.
Who couldn't use more :-) everything in this basket is geared
toward attracting wealth to you and your home again instructions
can be included in basket or emailed upon request.
Everything in this basket is geared toward bring peace into your
life and home and cleansing of body and house. Again instruction 
can be included in the basket or emailed upon request.
Everything in this basket is for bringing about a pregnancy and can
include instructions in the basket or email upon requests

*Note no instruction of the actual ACT should be needed if you do then maybe you should wait LOL *** All baskets are $35.00 plus shipping

Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Musk, Patchouli, Rose, Lilac, Lavender, Ylang 
Ylang, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Gardenia, Pine, Myrrh,
Frankincense, Egyptian Musk, Sandalwood, Dragons Blood, Apple     Blossom, Vertivert, Champa....
**On massage oils I will blend two scents together for you! will blend two scents together for you! 
Lotion Scents come in: Musk ,   Eucalyptus ,   Jasmine ,  Patchouli ,  Rose ,  Lilac Lavender,
Ylang Ylang ,  Cedar wood,   Gardenia,   Rosemary,   Pine,   Myrrh,   Frankincense,
Egyptian Musk,  Sandalwood,  Dragons Blood ,  Apple blossom,   Vertivert ,  Champa.
Musk,    Eucalyptus,   Jasmine,   Patchouli,   Rose ,  Lilac,   Lavender,   Ylang Ylang,
Cedar wood,   Gardenia ,  Rosemary,   Pine,    Myrrh,    Frankincense,    Egyptian Musk,
Sandalwood ,  Dragons Blood,   Apple Blossom ,   Vertivert,    Champa
**You can do a mix of two scents for a special blend 
Lavender,    China Rain,   Sex on the Beach,   Musk,   Patchouli,   Lilac,   Cinnamon ,
Jasmine,   Sandalwood.  Christmas Scented,   Fields of Bluebonnets,   Freesia Plumeria,
Freshest Linen,  Fresh Sage &Lemon grass,  Lilac Blossoms,   Love Spell,   Oatmeal,
Milk & Honey,   Oceanside Rage,  Peach Melon,Pears & Mangos, Southern Magnolia Nights
Apple,   Blueberry,   Cherry,   Gardenia,    Honeydew,   Honeysuckle,   Lavender,   Lemon,
Lilac,   Mulberry,  Orange Patchouli,   Peach,   Plum,   Raspberry,   Rose,   Strawberry,
Vanilla,  Watermelon, Oriental Musk, Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, Rose, Vanilla Rose, Cinnamon
Sandalwood,   Patchouli,   Lilac,    Eucalyptus,   Water lily,   China Rain,   Rose Petals,
Lotus Blossom,  Aloe Vera,  Angel,   Caribbean Fruit,   Enchanted Apple,   Crystal Waters,
Fields of Bluebonnets,   Freesia Plumeria,   FreshestLinen,   Fresh Sage &   Lemon grass,
Lilac Blossoms,  Love Spell,  Oatmeal,  Milk & Honey,   Oceanside Rage,  Peach Melon,
Pears & Mangos,  Southern Magnolia Nights,
For men I have:   Cool Water,   Polo Sport,   Drakkar,   Laugerfield
Musk,   Eucalyptus ,  Jasmine ,  Patchouli ,   Rose,   Lilac ,  Lavender,   Ylang Ylang,
Cedar wood ,  Gardenia ,  Rosemary,  Pine Myrrh,   Frankincense,   Egyptian Musk,
Sandalwood,  Dragons Blood ,  Apple blossom,  Vertivert, Champa.