Astral Projection Lessons

Lesson One

Now the chakra opening is heavily influenced by Denning and Phillips- giving credit where
credit is  due after all this hullabaloo over copyright crap- the words for making a circle is also theirs but I like it and it works for me so I use it. The words are simple, easy to
memorize and effective, however, the book, IMHO, does NOT state protection as heavily
as I  would and do in my book. Their approach is very nice_nice minded. True though most do not have any problems in the astral planes but my mind is this: when you get in your car to drive you put your seat belt on.

Because you MIGHT get into an accident and the damage would be less if any at all
if your seat belt is on. Now some of us don't use seat belts at all and most cases
nothing happens. Same is true with astral projection, however, that one in a thousand
shot and bam you are fucked up- excuse my language but its true- astral projection is
VERY much like getting into your car, your astral vehicle is then controlled by your
conscious mind. So I always stress using your astral seat belt which is a circle or a shield
until you get good enough to put one in place with just a mere thought. Which,
we all know takes practice so until then use a circle as I hope you use a seat belt.

*This is teacher talking here, rapping knuckles with a ruler* LMAO
 by Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker

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