Dealing With Abuse An A Subconscious Level
© By Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker

This is for those who are hurt and dealing with bad memories. There are three ways to tackle this. One is to bury it, but like most things buried, sometimes something triggers it and the pain comes back to the surface. It never really goes away. BUT you can do something to take back your inner power from it so it won't hurt so bad and sometimes .....ahh sometimes it doesn't hurt at all anymore....the memory is there but the pain is gone.
The second way is to write the event down, everything it made you feel. Tell the sucker off in it. Write what you would have wanted to say to the abuser in it then take a deep breath and burn it and as the ashes takes the words away so does it take the pain.
The third way is during meditation take an event you feel comfortable working on recall the event in detail. Sounds smells noises, get as clear a picture as you can. Relax and KNOW YOU are in control. Relax, breathe get deep into it -see it unfold EXCEPT this time bring in Rambo or a Dragon a spirit guide something that says power and protection to you and just before you get hurt-- Your dragon flames his ass instead and he runs from YOU in fear. You are the victor You are protected somehow You win he loses..........then come back up from your meditation.
At least three times a week work on an abusive event the same one till it doesn't bother you anymore. When you can react to the scene with no pain then move on to the next one and so takes time but it does work Here's why. Your subconscious doesn't understand the concept of time. THAT'S why it still hurts after 5, 10, 15, 30 years down the road.....that's why it can still drive you into tears because your subconscious is still going through the event like it's brand new and happening again. When you change the scene you are literally reprogramming you subconscious and empowering your inner taking the pain out and putting in laughter or courage instead. Your subconscious doesn't understand what's real and what's imagined. It takes everything you put into your subconscious as gospel truth and at real time, since it doesn't know past or future. So when you change the scene to something positive and showing strength your inner self gets strong again and feels protected and empowered.
Not only can abuse effect your physical or mental levels, but it can effect your magic and astral travels because think about it- your astral self and magic is rooted in your subconscious. So if your subconscious is hampered by scenes of abuse guess what else gets screwed up as well. But by changing things on a subconscious level in meditation you can heal the damage done to your subconscious and get stronger not only mentally but magically as well. And when you do this you heal the damage done to your soul...and sooner or later this healing will bubble up to the surface mind and you will see the difference in your attitude.......the nightmares getting fewer and fewer.....panic attacks get fewer and fewer.....the headaches don't come around as often......heck maybe after eight or nine months of this and no more nightmares or panic attacks ever again.......and your inner self is strong now healthy ready to take on the astral planes and magical planes and kick some ass!!!!! Well, only against bad things LOL A balanced mind makes a balanced spirit, a balanced spirit makes a strong person, a strong person gains in levels from here on out and with healing comes growth and you can't go wrong with that.

Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker,HPs


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