Astral Projection Lessons

Lesson Two MM
The Golden ball Technique!

Works great for many things.  For those experiencing paralization during astral projection, having trouble sleeping, and general aches and pains. First lie down.  Do not cross arms and legs keep everything straight so the energy can flow unimpeded.
Take deep breathes-- in through nose-- out through mouth. Get your own rhythm going.  It's different for everyone. Listen to your heartbeat and find your own rhythm.
Just breathe for a bit.
Then make a golden ball about the size of your hand and (mentally) place it
near your feet. Then think of your feet. Make them relax, all your muscles, your bones, everything relax. Moving the golden ball all around your feet.
Feel them get warm and relaxed. Then move up to your ankles. Have the golden ball relax your muscles your bones ---Everything Thinking the ball is cleansing, relaxing and energizing your ankles. Then move up to you calves. Make the golden ball relax, healing, cleansing, re-energizing your muscles, nerves and bones. Up to your knees. Same thing for thighs, hips, pelvis, buttocks, Lower back, stomach, chest, upper back, shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, hands and fingers. Back up to your neck, head, then even
your face and hair. Relaxing, cleansing, healing, re energizing each part.
Just like you have to do those parts of your body- in just that order. Trust me it works.
Then let the ball dissipate.

© by Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker

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