Getting Rid Of Viruses With Healing

MM all
Here is something I do when i catch a virus
I also give this to people who have Hep C and really nasty other kind of viruses. Now of course take your meds and do what the doctor says!! but doing this AS WELL sure cant hurt and it does help me a LOT!
and others I know with various kinds of viruses and colds.
Heavily Influenced by Scott Cunningham that's where I actually got this from--cant recall where exactly I saw it but I looked at it went hmmm ok I'll give it a shot and yup sure 'nuff it worked! I don't know how close this is to his spell in his book but it sure did work for me and I do have a healthy respect for the man's work!! on all the books he has done.
I usually do this in my shower. i breathe and center myself. Until I feel the energy rippling through my aura then I let the water fall down on me and as it is cleansing me I say this
All of the negative illness out of me, into the water down the pipes into the sea to be purified as I will so mote it be. I keep repeating and as I am chanting I see little black worms spilling out of me going down into the water and down the pipes to the sea to be purified. It does work give it a shot! It took me about ten times before it actually worked but practice does make perfect!
© by Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker

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