LW asked: 
Very interesting, darlin'. <smile> 
Now, question: If you create a "thought form" or someone creates one for you and gives it to you as a gift, would this "thought form" also be considered an "astral familiar"? If so, would obtaining a figurine of it work the same as you describe? 
Also, how does one meet an "astral familiar" assuming that one did not "create" it as a thought form? Hugs, LW 
and I answered: 
yes thought forms can be turned into "astral famlairs and yes too can be bonded to a phyiscal representation! so long as the representation doesnt already have a 'presence" in it-- 
which is one way of finding an astral familiar 
by going around and feeling psychically whether an object has something attached to it already. 
Its how i found seven of my friends! 
Another way i have found some of my astral friends is they just came up to me in astral form then directed me to an object they wanted to be tied to or directed me to their object that they were already tied too! 
now when i found mine i was already pretty well adept at astral projection--- 
for someone who is just starting out OR who just wants some astral protective friends but doesnt want to go out consicously-- 
because as you know we ALLL go out astrally if you are not trained in it you just arent aware of it.--- 
but say you know about it but this still not your cup of tea but sitlll want friends 
then i would think it would be much harder but not impossible! you would ahve to figure some way fo communicating though whether telepathically or by learning to feel for astral beings. 
my friends will tap me when I am busy with mundane things ot get my attention-- they are so good at it they actually make my skin dimple in PHYSICALLY which definately gets my attention LOL i am used to it now but when they first did it it would sort of freak me out LOL 
a person asked:
Your email on this subject got me thinking... Do you feel the astral 
familiar is tied to the figurine? 
[some are some arent] 
If it is broken is the familiar 
[one of my familairs got knocked off my altar 
kids were horsing around and cracked the leg off I fixed the leg and he was still there!] 
Or do you repair the break and have them live in a imperfect 
home or do you find them a new home? 
[Thor said he had a war wound now he is quiet proud of it in fact LOL] 
If the figurine is lost or stolen 
do you think it is where it needs to be helping someone who needs him 
or her? 
[one you can call the familiar and ask him or her 
but my personal thing is if one is stolen then no its not i think in most cases "going where he needs to go." 
People, even on a subconscious level, will sometimes try to steal our power sources and astral familairs are a power source. 
Its a theft then -plain and simple- 
but you can unattach your familiar even long distance and reattach them to another figurine if they so disire to come back home or even try to dematerilize the object from the place and rematerilize it in your home.] 
Or do you go looking for a new "home" for it to "live" in? Are 
they spirits that haven't moved on or more along the line of angels or 
[some yes some no 
some are made from thoughts forms either by you personally or a past life or a spirit guide or familair or a thought form created by someone else and then left to fend for themselves. 
some people are not even aware when they have created an astral thoughtform or attracted one to them. ] 
And do these astral familiars have their own ideas and motives 
that might get in the way of what you want or need? 
[sometimes but its very rare from what I know.] 
Are they all from 
the light? 
[in a word 
then she stated 
Sure you can. Thanks for answering my questions.

I have talked to and seen angels and fairies, and I have animal guides 
but I was unsure of what exactly astral familiars referred to. Once 
though, when I was doing a lot of spirit/ light work, I came under 
attack by some kind of astral being. Definitely not a familiar. So I am 
a bit leery of giving power to astral beings that could be spirits with 
unresolved issues who might be out to harm. This is why I am more 
comfortable working with angels and light beings. I am also a rock 
person and work with the "spirits of the crystals" if you will. I have 
never heard of offering other kinds of homes to anyone. Very 
interesting. Thank you.
{and I answered] 
you can usually tell if an astral being is positive or not by thier scent and thier auric colors. 
thats how I check. 
then I do my psychometry to see if the vibe coming off them is postive or negative. 
it has kept me very safe so far! I also--- if very leary for some unknown reason-- use water that I have concecrated with a touch of sea salt also consecrated and sprinkle them with it and bless them 
if they dont like it then I know this is not a "nice astral." 

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