Astral Projection Lessons
Lesson Five
Getting Rid Of Negative Astral Tendrils Or Vamps
So you forgot your astral seat belt huh? or are you being plagued by vampy type people either physical or astral then this ought to clear you out...... Astral vamps, negative astral tendrils, negative bonds.
This ritual is designed for removing those nasty things form your chakras and aura leaving you with a nice spiky shield to protect you. This ritual was heavily influenced by Konstantinos Vampires The Occult Truth. A good book IMO. With some additions by me.

First then  take a cleansing bath fill your bathtub and put a the biggest quartz crystal you have in the water with your power  hand put it in the water see the white light pouring out of hand into bath tub and say: Lord and Lady bless this creature of Water and consecrate it to Your service as I will so mote it be.

Then take a handful of salt in other hand and point fingers of power hand at salt and say: Lord and Lady bless this creature of earth and consecrate to your service as I will so mote it be. Put an amethyst crystal by your tub and get in water. Breathe deep relax, find your rhythm breathing. Then take a cup full of water and hold in front of you and say: Lord and Lady cleanse my mind, my heart, my body and my soul so I may do thy bidding again as I will so mote it be.
Then pour the water over your head and keep pouring till you feel all clean then relax in the bath you can put crystal on solar plex
chakra for further cleansing and charging if you want to.

After your bath dry off and robe yourself then go to your sacred; or special spot for meditating or spell work and sit or stand
but DON'T cross any part of your body.  Mentally make a circle of blue flame around you going clockwise then make another circle in front of your circle but touching making a figure eight [understand?] Your in one circle and you put whatever it
is in the other circle or if not sure WHAT it is or who it is.
Make a black rock or something that you see as a negative symbol a rock or a person or a dark orb something like that and see where there may be negative cords going from it to you make a glowing silver or white sword in your power hand and cut the cords away then cut the circles apart separating that circle from your circle then fill the other circle with white light and PUSH it mentally away from you-- far far away. 

Then breathe deep and make the sword disappear. Then take your power hand and have healing and cleansing light come from it to the places where those cords were cut away from you.  Then relax and breathe then see a white light coming from the center of you and growing and getting bigger till its all around like a bubble.
Then imagine spikes growing from the outside the bubble pointing outwards so its like being inside a spiky white ball then say to your self several times. These spikes shall appear every time danger is near as I will so mote it be. Repeat this once a week until you are sure the spiky ball appears all around every time something negative comes near you.

© by Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker

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