Clarrissa's Seven Step Method
For Astral Projection.
 First, you need to pick a spot in your home or outside where you wont be disturbed.A place you can use just for this or any magickal working.Try not to pick your bed-not at first anyways. Why? because if it has those metal springs in them it could effect your astral self and or aura, making it that much harder.Once you are a pro you can do it anytime anywhere but first starting out try to stay away form anything that has metal in it.This also included electrical outlets and electrical appliance.Try astralling out at the same time same place all the time.When you are first learning try practicing at least three times a week. Second, cast a circle around you. Use the one in an earlier exercise or your own. whatever works for you is fine. Third, lay down. And do NOT cross your arms or legs.You can use the sitting straight position or laying down. Standing up is hard to do at first.Fourth, Do your rhythm breathing and relax. Using the Golden Ball technique would be good at this stage.The Golden Ball technique is also good for healing your astral and physical bodies. Fifth, Use the opening chakra and astralling out method or use your own method that you think would work best for you. Sixth, use your imagination.Look at the corner of the room and stare at it. Then close your eyes and try to see the corner of your room with your minds eye. The WILL yourself too it once you can see it.Or try imagining a piece of string hanging form the ceiling and your mind is using it like a rope to pull your astral body out.Use whatever mental visualization that will work for you. Seven, when you are done, whether you succeeded or not never berate yourself or feel bad.Smile at your inner self in the mirror and say good job self. Even for the most smallest of progresses tell your inner self you did good and will do better next time.And as always clean your aura off after every session using whatever method of cleansing that works for you.Good luck and keep at it :-)BB,

©Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker,HPs


 Cleansing and Shielding Ritual
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Clarrissa's Seven Step Method for Astral Projection