Astral Familiars--The Other Kind!

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Tips and care of physical represtation of astral familairs Astral
familairs aid us in many ways.  From protecting us to healing us.  To
guiding us on the astral planes to protecting our physical homes.
Some people have astral familiars even when they have not mastered the art of
consciously controlling astral projection. But what most books dont cover is how to
give your astral familiars more power on the physical planes.  In your own mundane
every life. I have found many astral friends in stores, in yard sales and auctions..
in the most unusual places  and have given them a home with me.
Those figurines arent JUST figurines.  Not if you give them power!
Your physical representation of an astral familiar can give him or her a lot
more power on this  physical plane by not only finding his physical
representation( say a unicorn figurine or a wizard or pewter dragon) by bringing
it home and cleansing the peice and then giving his or her a name--
this bonds the astral of your familair to the physical representation.
By annionting  the figurine with your astral oil strengthens the
bond between your and your astral familair and also allows him or
her to work  for you on your mundane life much easier.  Dont forget to
introduceyour new astral familiar to others sitting on your shelf so they can
recognize one another and work together and work with you.

Empowering your physical representation of your astral familairs in the
moonlight or  sunlight depnding on each needs.  For Instance my Celtic pewter dragon
likes the moon power  and has a hard time in the sunlight but my pewter pegasus
who has a crystal ball by her feet  likes her crystal charged in the sunlight rather then moonlight.
Knowing each of yourfamilairs phsyical needs is important because by empowering
their physical representaitons is much like "feeding".  The more empowering they
have, the more they can actually influence and bring things about for you on this plane.

© by Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker

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