Astral Projection Lessons
Lesson Six
Balancing your Chakras
I got this from Ted Andrews....Any book of his is worth a read. Tools needed: 
Pendulum, Seven one or two inch squared swatches,
(just square pieces of colored cloth cotton works best for me.)
White indigo--or dark blue,  light blue,  green , yellow,  orange, red
to attune your pendulum. I put the pendulum above my
left palm and "make" it go clockwise and repeat this means overactive
this means overactive then I make it go counter-clockwise
and repeat.  "This means under active.. This means under active".
Then I hole it still and repeat "This means balanced ...This means balanced...This trains subconscious and the pendulum to what you want its movements to show.  When you ask your questions then hold the first piece of cloth I start from bottom to top other people go up to down. I take the red piece and ask how is the balance on this chakra red representing the root chakra and wait to see if it moves
counter-clockwise or clockwise. 
If  it stays still then I know that chakra is ok if it moves then I put the pendulum down and using white light I balance the chakra in question. Then I check it again with my pendulum. If it stays still then I  move up to the next one and put the red piece of cloth away and place the orange cloth in my left hand and check that chakra. Move to each chakra accordingly. Using white light on each chakra to balance is good but if you want more adeptness .I suggest  reading How to Heal with color by Ted Andrews.


© by Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker

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